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Category Archives: Car Accidents


What to Do If You Were Hit By A Car

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

According to a Miami New Times report, Florida has the second most number of pedestrian fatalities. From January to June of 2017, 303 pedestrians were run over. The state accounted for 43 percent of the nation’s total walking deaths during the first six months of the year. Miami-Dade County is particularly dangerous for pedestrians,… Read More »


Was The Single-Driver Car Crash Your Fault?

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

This past February, a 16-year-old boy from Mount Dora was in a car driven by a 19-year-old man. The driver crashed into a telephone pole. The driver sustained minor injuries while the 16-year-old passenger was sent to Florida Hospital Apopka with serious injuries. A short while later, the passenger died. The situation seems cut… Read More »


The Most Common Types Of Motorcycle Accident Injuries And What To Do If You Are Injured

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Motorcycle accident injuries can be extremely debilitating if not fatal. Because of this, it is crucial for motorcycle accident victims to retain the help of an experienced Miami motorcycle accident lawyer for help with proving liability and obtaining the compensation needed to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. If you or… Read More »


Are Antilock Braking Systems More Of A Hindrance Than A Convenience?

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

As technology becomes more advanced, car manufacturers are getting creative with safety features that, overall, do a great deal to keep drivers and others on the road safe. One such feature is the antilock braking system (ABS). ABS is designed to allow drivers to steer safely in an emergency—such as when your vehicle begins… Read More »


What Is The Likelihood That Your Car Accident Case Will Go To Trial, And What Does Trial Mean For You?

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Despite common belief, just because you file a legal claim with the court system does not mean that you will have to go to trial. In fact, it is rare for civil claims to go to court at all. If the two parties can come to an agreement via negotiations and/or mediation, the matter… Read More »


Why Wrong Way Accidents Occur And What To Do If You Are Involved In One

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

It is not uncommon to watch to the news and see a story about a car crash that was the result of a person driving the wrong way down an Interstate, or about a multiple-car pileup that stemmed from someone entering the freeway the wrong way. When you see these stories, you may wonder… Read More »


Is Florida About To Repeal Its “No Fault” Accident Law?

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Florida is one of 12 remaining states that practices under the notion of “no fault,” meaning that whether or not an accident was your fault, you are liable for damages. Though car insurance is mandatory in all states, it is necessary in Florida and other no-fault states if you hope to ever receive any… Read More »


Why Does My Neck and Back Hurt After My Car Accident?

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Car accidents can be devastating to one’s spine and neck health. The spine and neck joints and muscles are critical to a person’s ability to move, and they are extremely sensitive to sudden force. When a vehicle crashes into another moving or inanimate object, the sedentary state of the rival force causes everything in… Read More »


Florida Sees An Increase In Car Accidents During The Winter, But Why?

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

As cold weather hits most of the country in the months of November through April, people flock from the great white north to sunny states such as California, Arizona, and, of course, Florida. While many Floridians take pride in the fact that their home state is where many people choose to call home when… Read More »


Why You Want To Look For Delayed Symptoms After An Accident

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

A Miami car accident or truck accident can leave you, your passengers, or the driver of the other vehicle with serious or sometimes even critical injuries. However, many of these injuries don’t present themselves until after the fact—sometimes long after. Just because an injury is latent though does not mean that it cannot be… Read More »

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