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Pinecrest Personal Injury Lawyer

This former railroad construction yard was home to Miami-Dade’s first tourist attraction, Parrot Jungle, in 1936. On its first day, 100 visitors, who each paid a quarter, listened to park owner Franz Scherr talk about his birds, trees, and flowers, and enjoy the tranquil setting. Since that day, Parrot Jungle has attracted over a million visitors.

The experienced Pinecrest personal injury lawyers at Spencer Morgan Law have decades of experience in many personal injury matters. Over the years, we have developed proven methods that have enabled us to obtain life-changing results for past clients. We continually refine and improve our methods, so we can keep making a difference in the lives of South Florida families.

Furthermore, our Pinecrest personal injury lawyers do not charge a quarter. They charge nothing upfront. Additionally because we have such vast resources, we usually advance all other litigation costs. Most lawyers charge hundreds of dollars an hour, but we work on a contingent fee basis, so the courthouse door remains open for injury victims.

Why Should I Partner with a Pinecrest Personal Injury Lawyer?

While the courthouse door is open, many accident victims choose not to walk in, mostly because they do not want to “blame” another driver, or any other person, for an “accident.”

We understand. After all, legal action does not change what happened in the past. However, legal action alters the future, and in a good way.

Legal action does not “blame” anyone for anything that happened in the past. Instead, civil actions are forward looking. They compensate victims for what they endured, so they may face their futures more confidently.

On a related note, legal action does not alter the tortfeasor’s (negligent actor’s) situation, at least in most cases. Generally, an insurance company is financially responsible for all litigation costs, including legal fees. So, the individual usually pays nothing. After the legal action concludes, the insurance company might raise the tortfeasor’s rates or take other action. But these things would have happened whether the victim filed a lawsuit or not.

Furthermore, a personal injury is not an “accident.” People accidentally forget their wallets. They do not accidentally drive drunk and cause crashes, or neglect their property and cause falls. Such behavior demands compensation. If Adam runs over his neighbor’s mailbox, he should pay compensation (replace the mailbox). If Adam runs over his neighbor’s car and injures his neighbor, he should likewise pay compensation.

Matters We Handle

Many Florida lawyers handle a few personal injury cases on the side, mostly for friends, family, and existing clients. But our Pinecrest personal injury lawyers are dedicated to this area of law. So, we handle a full range of personal injury matters, such as:

  • Car Wrecks: Every year, vehicle collisions kill or seriously injure millions of Americans. Driver error, usually aggressive driving (speeding, turning illegally) or operator impairment (driving while drunk or fatigued) causes about 98 percent of these collisions. The average injury-related medical bill exceeds $40,000, so these victims badly need financial compensation.
  • Truck Wrecks: Many part-time personal injury attorneys do not touch truck wrecks with a ten-foot pole. These matters are very complex. The injuries are usually much worse, mostly because of the size and speed of these vehicles. Furthermore, the shipping or transportation company that owned the truck is usually financially responsible for damages. Typically, these companies are out-of-state holding companies.
  • Premises Liability: This umbrella term covers injuries that happen on someone else’s residential or commercial property, such as dog bites, slip-and-fall injuries, and swimming pool drownings. Usually, owners have a legal responsibility to address, and remove, these injury hazards before someone gets hurt.

Compensation in a personal injury matter usually includes money for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering.

Reach Out to a Dedicated Miami-Dade County Lawyer

Injury victims are entitled to substantial compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced Pinecrest personal injury lawyer, contact Spencer G. Morgan, Attorney at Law. We do not charge upfront legal fees in these matters.

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