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Miami Theme Park Accident Lawyer

The average person would probably be surprised to learn just how unsafe certain amusement parks truly are. Safety standards and regulations are commonly flouted due to mismanagement and poor regulatory oversight. And, with great heights and heavy machinery present among just about all amusement park rides, the consequences of dilapidated roller coasters, too-steep slides, operator inexperienced, and understaffed lifeguards can result in serious injury or death for patrons. If you or a loved one were harmed in any way at an amusement park or water park, a Miami theme park accident lawyer at Spencer Morgan Law is ready and available to help you file a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the negligent theme park.

The Four Most Common Amusement Park Accidents

  • Slip and Falls—Slip and falls are the leading cause of amusement park injuries. Many of these falls happen when children are simply running around, out of control. However, there are plenty of slips, trips, and falls that occur due to negligent maintenance of the park. Examples of tripping and slipping hazards include uneven ground, slippery surfaces, spills, damaged concrete, cracks, and debris.
  • Unsafe Operation of a Ride—Amusement park ride operators need to be properly trained, paying attention at all times, and operating the ride with care. Failure to do so can result in injury or death. Safe operation also means that amusement park staff are checking to see if belts and restraint bars are closed, as well as ensuring that young children below the age limit of that particular ride are not on when the ride starts.
  • Defective or Dangerous Ride—Whether a water slide was designed with inherent and dangerous flaws or a roller coaster’s brakes were not in proper working order, the slightest defects can result in catastrophic injury for theme park occupants. All rides should not only be designed with safety at heart, but need to be inspected for damage and maintained constantly in order to prevent a disaster. Common examples of these defects include:
    • Improperly latching belts
    • Ill fitting restraints
    • Malfunctioning lap bars
    • Other mechanical failures
  • Swimming Accidents and Drownings—Water parks have the added risk of drowning, which can be the fault of the amusement park if lifeguards were not being attentive, not enough lifeguards were staffed, or if lifeguard training or response was improper.

Contact a Miami Theme Park Accident Attorney

Theme park owners and managers need to be diligent in their duty of care to create and maintain a safe environment for all users, abilities, and age groups. Slip and falls, rider injuries, negligent security assaults, drownings, and other accidental injuries and deaths can almost always be prevented. If you were injured, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, emotional distress, medical expenses, lost wages due to disability, and much more. To find out how the personal injury process works, and to discuss your case at no cost with our Miami theme park accident lawyer, call Spencer Morgan Law today at 305-423-3800.

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