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Miami Catastrophic Accident Lawyer

The worst collisions and premises accidents result in catastrophic injuries for victims, who are likely to experience lengthy hospital stays, high medical bills, serious pain and suffering, and possible permanent injury. As a catastrophic accident survivor, you may be able to win a large personal injury settlement award from the negligent party. The Miami catastrophic accident lawyer at Spencer Morgan Law is here to help make that a reality.

Top Six Most Catastrophic Injuries

  • Traumatic Brain Injury—There are many types of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), not counting concussion, which is a moderate brain injury. A TBI results in substantial and permanent damage to brain cells, and is often a life threatening condition.
  • Spinal Cord Injury—A spinal cord injury can be complete or incomplete. The former results in permanent paralysis, while there may be some degree of movement in the affected body parts (and improvement) in the latter.
  • Fractured Vertebrae—Not all spinal fractures result in spinal cord injury or paralysis. However, when a victim’s vertebrae is fractured—either at the neck or back—their condition is often considered catastrophic, as they may require surgery and an extensive hospital stay.
  • Permanent Scarring and Disfigurement—Any laceration or burn that causes a high degree of permanent scarring and disfigurement, particularly when the injury area is to the face, is considered a catastrophic injury.
  • Third Degree Burn Injuries—Car crash victims and victims of premises liability accidents are the two most likely types of unintentional injury patients to suffer from serious burn wounds. Victims are unlikely to survive if their body is covered in more than 50 percent of third degree burns. Even at 20 percent, this would still be classified as catastrophic.
  • Multiple Fractures and Other Serious Injuries Throughout the Body—There is no medical terminology used to describe a “catastrophic” injury. Instead, this term simply refers to a victim who has extreme injuries. Sometimes, a large number of moderate injuries can add up to a catastrophic and life-threatening condition. For example, a car crash victim with a fractured pelvis, fractured ankle, broken rib, lacerations, and a concussion could certainly be classified as having catastrophic injuries.

Liable Parties in Catastrophic Accident Claims

Depending on the cause of your or your loved one’s injuries, there may be one or more parties who can be held liable. In traffic collisions, for example, this liable party would likely be another driver, or possibly two other drivers.

  • Traffic Collisions: Car drivers, trucking companies, municipalities, and auto part manufacturers
  • Premises Liability Accidents: Home owners, business owners, property managers, property owners, and municipalities or school districts
  • Negligent Security Assaults: Business owners, property owners, and property managers
  • Medical Malpractice: Healthcare professionals, hospitals, and nursing homes

Call a Miami Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Because your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost joy in life, lost earning ability, future medical needs, property damage, and other damages are likely so high, it is vital that you reach out to an experienced Miami catastrophic accident lawyer for assistance in your claim. Call Spencer Morgan Law today at 305-423-3800 for a no-cost consultation.

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