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Miami Negligent Security Lawyer

Property owners must do more than just protect the public from the hazards of slips, trips and falls. Providing a safe environment also means taking reasonable measures to protect guests from assault. When the security on a premises is so lacking that it contributed to an assault, the victim may have a claim against the business for its negligence and lack of care. Our Miami negligent security lawyer pursues negligent security claims against such property owners, helping assault victims recover compensation for their injuries, and improving the safety of the premises for the future.

Examples of Negligent Security

Every assault cannot be prevented, and the owner of the property where an assault occurred is not always responsible for the attack. Here are some ways a property owner may be liable for assaults which occur on their premises:

  • An apartment complex in a high-crime area does not have a security gate with keyed entry, or any security guards patrolling the complex.
  • A nightclub does not hire a sufficient number of security personnel to keep patrons safe, or the security personnel are not adequately trained.
  • Stairwells are not equipped with sufficient lighting, or burned-out bulbs are not promptly replaced.
  • Parking garages are not well-lit, equipped with security cameras or patrolled by security.
  • A bar’s parking lot is not lighted, or no one is placed at the door who can monitor the lot.

Security Personnel Must be Properly Trained and Supervised

Another threat faced by Miami nightclub and bar patrons is injury from the bar’s own staff. Nightclub bouncers are hired to keep order, not to beat people up. Bar and nightclub owners have a responsibility to screen the people they hire as bouncers and ensure they are properly trained and supervised so they do not exceed their authority and seriously hurt a customer, even an unruly patron who should be removed from the bar.

Get Help after a Miami Nightclub Assault by Calling an Aggressive, Experienced and Compassionate Miami Negligent Security Lawyer

If you have been assaulted or injured during an attempted theft, you may have recourse not only against the person who attacked you but also the owner of the premises where the incident occurred. Call an experienced Miami negligent security lawyer at 305-423-3800 to discuss what happened. We will look into the matter and advise you on whether you may have a claim to be compensated for your injury, including your medical expenses and pain and suffering.

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