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Miami Dangerous Drugs & Defective Products Lawyer

Any consumer of a product should be able to trust that the product does what it was intended or designed for. When a company fails in the safe design, manufacturing, or even labeling of a product, the consumer who is injured as a result can hold the company accountable through the law. These product liability cases often become mass torts, because there are many people who have been harmed. A plaintiff in a mass tort must be able to prove their damages, unlike a class action lawsuit. As a plaintiff, you will join dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of other victims in seeking compensation from the liable manufacturer. The sheer number of plaintiffs involved in a mass tort allows you to take on large corporations that would otherwise be untouchable if you attempted to sue them yourself directly. Here at Spencer Morgan Law, our skilled Miami dangerous drug & defective product lawyers can help you seek justice through financial compensation.

Common Defective Products, Medical Devices, and Prescription Drugs

Virtually any medical product or other household or consumer good can cause an injury if it is used improperly or carelessly. However, some products are known to cause injury, or fail to work as advertised and cause injury as a result, even when used correctly. The manufacturers of such products can be held responsible for your injuries if you take part in a mass tort case, in which there are generally hundreds or thousands of other plaintiffs. Our attorneys have experience handling all types of mass torts, including for the following products:

Mass tort cases are frequently large although the size varies significantly depending on the product and length of time it was on the market. For instance, the Star Tribune reported that there are nearly 230,000 claims against 3M earplugs as of March 2021.

The Three Requirements of a Mass Tort Case

According to Law Shelf, there are three facts that must be established in a mass tort case. These include the following:

  • Each of the claimants must have been exposed to the product or used the product in a similar way. For instance, all claimants took a drug as instructed on the packaging to help reduce pain;
  • All of the claimants must be challenging the same negligent action of the company. For instance, if one person claims the packaging didn’t have proper instructions for how to use the products but another person claims the product was defective, those are not the same claims of negligent action; and
  • The cause of injury is the same for all claimants. For example, if a person claims the 3M earplugs caused them to have a severe rash but everyone else is claiming hearing damage then the first person would not be part of the mass tort claim.

Contact the Miami Mass Tort Lawyers at Spencer Morgan Law

If you or a loved one suffered an injury due to a dangerous medical product, one of our skilled Miami mass tort attorneys can help you seek justice through financial compensation. Because plaintiffs involved in mass torts are able to pool their legal resources together, even the largest corporations can be successfully sued for maximum compensation. To get started today, call the experienced Miami attorneys at Spencer Morgan Law at 305-423-3800 to learn more about our services.

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