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Monthly Archives: March 2020

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Are Slip Injuries and Trip Injuries the Same?

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

While there are multiple accidents related to falls, a slip injury is different than a fall injury. It is important to establish why an injury occurred and a Miami slip & fall lawyer can help you to determine why it happened. You may be eligible for compensation if the injury happened at a business… Read More »


Child Car Seats and Car Accidents

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

If your family was in a car accident, you may be wondering if you should be replacing car seats to boost safety. In most situations, it depends on if the accident was minor or not. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) used to advise replacing the seats in all instances, now they have… Read More »


Miami Bicycle Accidents Cause Injuries

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Riding a bike can be an enjoyable way to save money on gas and get in shape. But unfortunately, riding a bicycle in Miami can be extremely dangerous. There are an average of six bike fatalities in Miami annually. That is extremely high. When riding a bicycle in Miami, do what you can to… Read More »


Collecting Miami Witness Accounts of an Accident

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

When there is an accident, there are many elements to building a strong personal injury case. One element could be witness accounts of a car or truck accident. When possible to obtain, witness accounts can be a great asset as the law sometimes views third party accounts as neutral. The best scenario for collecting… Read More »


When to Take an Ambulance After a Car Accident

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

If you feel ok after a car accident, should you take an ambulance? Of course it is clear an ambulance ride is necessary if there was a severe accident with devastating injuries, but if you think you might be ok, you may see riding in an ambulance as not needed. You may be in… Read More »


Premises Liability and Your Apartment Lease

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

When you sign a lease agreement for your Miami apartment, you and your landlord are agreeing to a legally binding contract. Typically, a lease defines how long a tenant is agreeing to rent the apartment and how much they will be paying each month, including what day of the month the rent will be… Read More »


What to Do If You’ve Been In a Fender Bender

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

When individuals are driving daily, for work, family commitments, and pleasure, there are many opportunities for minor accidents, such as fender benders, to happen. But just because the accident is minor, does not mean it isn’t without stress. After a Florida fender bender, reach out to a Miami car accident lawyer to discuss what… Read More »


How to Avoid Drivers with Road Rage

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Road rage, a term used to describe driver behavior that is angry, aggressive, and threatening, can be extremely dangerous. This risky way of driving is common and can lead to collisions, assaults, and extreme physical injuries. In fact, when an insurance comparison company surveyed a pool of American drivers, 82% of them reported experiencing… Read More »

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