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Monthly Archives: February 2019


The Legal Elements of a Medical Malpractice Case

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Though medical malpractice laws vary from state to state, medical malpractice is generally defined as any act or omission by a healthcare provider during treatment of a patient that deviates from the accepted standard of care and that results in injury to the patient. When a physician or healthcare provider commits medical malpractice, the… Read More »


Your Step-by-Step Checklist for How to React After a Miami Truck Accident

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

If you are like many Floridians, you have not had the misfortune of being involved in a trucking accident. You likely also do not have a plan in place that can help you capture important information at the scene of an accident should you be involved in one in the future. You should, though,… Read More »


Is Your Florida Business OSHA Compliant?

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

When you go to work each day, do you think about your workplace safety? You should always be concerned about whether or not your workplace is OSHA compliant. When the Occupational Safety and Health Act was passed, states had the chance to outline their own plans and submit them to the Secretary of Labor… Read More »


Legal Protections for Florida’s Nursing Home Residents (and What to do if They Are Violated)

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Many people consider elderly people to be most at risk for abuse. Sadly, in many cases, it is a member of the elder’s own family who perpetrates the abuse. However, that does not mean that abuse does not occur by caretakers or nursing home staff. In fact, nursing home abuse is scarily common in… Read More »


Paying for Legal Fees When You Sustain Personal Injuries

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Nobody plans to get injured in an accident, but unfortunately, accidents do happen. Certain accidents, such as car crashes, slip and fall incidences, construction accidents, and medical malpractice accidents often result in severe and life-altering injuries. They also result in substantial medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial harms. Ideally, the negligent party’s insurance… Read More »

shutterstock_1059469973 (1)

Who is at Fault in a Prescription Liability Case?

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

When you see a physician or pharmacist about a prescription medication, you trust he or she will fill your prescription properly. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a physician, pharmacist, or pharmaceutical company to breach a patient’s trust. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, there are approximately 100,000 reports a year that… Read More »


Common Appliance Injuries

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Some household appliances just look dangerous at first glance, while others look innocent but pose a very real health threat. Regardless of what an appliance looks like, however, the point is: household appliances can be dangerous. Household appliance injuries are more common than you might believe. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that… Read More »


Common Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents in Florida

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Semi-truck drivers make their livings from driving thousands of miles, sometimes crossing state or even foreign borders. The transportation sector employs millions of people and comprises approximately 8.9 percent of the nation’s economic activity. In addition to delivering goods that we all need to survive from one corner of the country to another, truck… Read More »

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