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Car Crashes Often Happen Close to Home


While people often think of car crashes happening on highways and road trips, the truth is many crashes happen within a five minute drive from a person’s home. It is important that drivers are not lulled into a false sense of security solely because they are in their own neighborhood. And when an accident does happen, seek medical attention and the advice of a Miami car accident lawyer.

Drivers May Be Distracted When Near Home

One of the wonderful things about a home neighborhood is it feels comfortable. So it makes sense that individuals who are moving about their daily tasks, running errands or commuting to and from work, their attention may drift from the task of driving. This is also true when individuals are tired, which naturally happens early in the morning or late at night. For these reasons, familiar areas such as home neighborhoods can be locations where car accidents happen.

Driving on familiar roads has benefits. After all, drivers know how to navigate dips in the road and broken pavement, but if fatigue takes over, well known roads can be dangerous. Staying alert at all times is essential when driving, which means resisting the urge to text or take a phone call.

And communicating on digital devices can be tempting during commute times. On the way to work a driver may think of an email they were meaning to send the day before. Or, when driving home, a person may want to squeeze in one last work text before everyone powers down for the night. But, paying attention and keeping hands off devices is the safest bet.

Ways to Prevent Accidents Near Home

Being aware of the fact that neighborhood roads can be dangerous is a path to awareness and staying safe. Familiarity is helpful, but remember there are always risks. For example, wet weather, other drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists can result in the need for fast decision making.

Things to keep in mind to stay safe:

  • Merge slowly. Be sure to check blind spots and move with caution.
  • Be patient. Green lights must be solidly green before advancing. Too often, drivers roll through red lights or stop signs.
  • Reduce distractions. Resist the pull of mobile devices as attention can be diverted from the responsibilities of driving.

If an accident does happen, close to home or when on a Florida road trip, a Miami car accident lawyer can walk you through the process of securing damage compensation. Knowledgeable attorneys have the experience to get paperwork processed and court claims filed. When an accident has caused physical harm, the victim needs to focus on healing. A legal professional can take care of all of the negotiations and litigation. Reach out today to secure the support you need.

If you were harmed when there was a car accident in your Miami neighborhood, talk to the Florida personal injury attorneys at Spencer Morgan Law. Compensation may be possible, you need a lawyer on your side. Contact us today at 305-423-3800 to schedule your free consultation.

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