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Rain and Bad Weather Create Driving Risks


Even drivers who are extremely cautious have to navigate risks sometimes. One driving danger is bad weather. In fact, it is estimated that weather conditions contribute to approximately 10% of road fatalities.

If you were in a Florida accident during a storm, a Miami car accident lawyer can review and investigate your claim. Because even when the weather is bad, drivers can be held responsible when they cause an accident.

Bad Weather, Hydroplaning, and Judgement

One of the hazards with heavy rain is the possibility of aquaplaning or hydroplaning. Aquaplaning happens when a road surface is wet and traction is lost by cars or trucks.

Of course, hydroplaning isn’t the only bad weather hazard. There are other factors that can lead to accidents, including the following.

  • Broken wiper blades. Visibility is an important part of safe driving and poor wiper blades make it difficult for drivers to see the road.
  • Poorly functioning brakes. Poor brakes create risks in all weather conditions, but if the combination of failing brakes and wet weather can be disastrous.
  • Driving too fast. It is important to remember that speed limits are limits for good driving conditions. When there are storms, slowing down is best.
  • Bald tires. Worn tires can lead to hydroplaning and other risks, including a driver losing control of a vehicle.

Driver judgement is a component to staying safe. Behaviors need to be adjusted when rain starts. For example, if a driver is at the speed limit on the highway and a storm rolls through, the driver needs to slow down and drive cautiously, not attempt to maintain the same travel speed.

Importance of Keeping a Car Maintained

When a storm starts it is not the time to think about replacing windshield wiper blades and tires. Keeping up with maintenance is an essential part of staying safe on the highways and roads.

Having a professional assess your tires annually can help. A professional can let you know when the tires will need to be rotated or replaced. Replacements are likely needed after around five years. Extended timelines are possible when tires are kept at a proper air pressure and are rotated regularly. Maintaining the correct air pressure helps with equal wearing on tires and increases gas mileage while reducing wear and tear.

There are expenses associated with vehicle maintenance, but the truth is a few hundred dollars  could save you from an accident. And car accidents can cause severe physical injuries and high expenses. It pays to plan ahead and keep a vehicle maintained.

After a weather related car accident, liability will need to be assessed. If another driver was negligent, it must be proven. It will also have to be proven that any injuries were a result of the accident. A Miami car accident lawyer can help you understand what options are available to you and how you can secure the compensation you deserve.

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