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What Does It Mean To Be Sideswiped?


Describing an accident is an important part of the personal injury claim process. One element of an accident that law enforcement officials include in reports and insurance companies will review is how one vehicle made contact with another vehicle. When the side of one car strikes the side or corner of another, it is likely to be categorized as a sideswipe collision.

Whether you were injured in a rear end crash, rollover, or sideswipe accident, financial recovery could be part of moving past the injurious event. Of course, the first priority is to heal physically. If you are worried about the bills attached to your medical care, have a Miami personal injury lawyer fight for a robust damage award while you focus on regaining your physical strength.

Blind Spots, Merging, and Driver Behavior

One of the reasons why sideswipe accidents occur is because a driver fails to check their blind spot. When learning to drive, people are instructed to always check their blind spots, the areas around your vehicle that can’t be seen in car mirrors. Because there is no mirror coverage, a driver needs to physically glance over their own shoulder. After years of driving, some fall into bad habits, such as not checking a blind spot and driving into traffic.

Another sideswipe collision risk is when drivers are merging from one lane into the other. Or when two lanes are becoming one. While the car already in the single lane has the right of way, it is common for the merging driver to misjudge distances and sideswipe another vehicle as they merge into the single lane.

And any dangerous behavior, such as driving aggressively or distracted, increases accident risks. This is true of t-bone collisions, sideswipe accidents, and vehicles colliding with fixed objects or buildings.

Sideswipe Crashes and Liability

Who is at fault may be difficult to suss out after a sideswipe accident. Taking care of your own health, such as seeing a doctor to have your injuries assessed, and gathering evidence, from taking photos to asking witnesses to remain at the accident site until the police arrive in order to provide statements, is an important part of a strong personal injury claim. Some of the things you can take pictures of include the vehicles involved in the crash, geographic markers, injuries, and signs or signals that could illustrate how the wreck took place.

If you call an insurance company yourself, they will likely move to quickly settle your claim. They prefer you do not work with a Miami personal injury lawyer, because an attorney will fight for a larger amount, when possible.

Were you sideswiped on a Florida road? Hire an attorney who will review your case and advise you on next steps. Because the qualified attorneys at Spencer Morgan Law know how to fortify a claim, they will inform you of your claims worth. You can focus on your physical healing while your attorney fights for a full and fair compensation package. Our lawyers won’t stop until a fair outcome is reached and you will not have to pay anything upfront. To get your claim started, call us at 305-423-3800 to schedule your first meeting.

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