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Water Can Be a Road Risk


Miami residents know that while there are plenty of beautiful, sunny days there are rainy ones as well. When you don’t need to travel, the rain can be soothing to watch. But if you need to drive on wet roads, accidents are possible. And with so much rain in Miami, it is likely you will find yourself on slick or flooded roads now and again. Safe driving is key, about 25% of car accidents occur because of weather conditions.

If you were in a car accident because a driver lost control due to wet roads, compensation is possible. Operators of vehicles have a responsibility to drive safely, rain or shine. See a doctor to have your health assessed after a weather-related crash, then connect with a Miami car accident lawyer.

Take It Slow During Rainstorms

During hurricanes, individuals know to stay inside and monitor the situation through local and national alerts, but when it is rainy, people may take to the roads without a second thought. Yet wet roads can be dangerous, even when storms are not violent. There can be slippery surfaces that are unexpected, leading to a loss of control.

Reduced speeds are advised during rain storms. Then, you have time to react to a change in road conditions. Also, give other cars space so they have an increased reaction time window as well.

Ways to Avoid Hydroplaning

When there is wet pavement, aquaplaning or hydroplaning is possible. When a layer of water on the pavement reduces or blocks a tire’s ability to stop, water can push a car off the road or into another vehicle. There are a few ways to avoid slipping due to hydroplaning, including the following.

  • Tire maintenance. Keeping tires inflated properly is helpful as the risk of hydroplaning is reduced when tires have enough pressure.
  • Do not slam on brakes. When you feel a loss of control, slow down but do not brake aggressively, which can make the situation worse.
  • Remove your foot from the gas and allow your vehicle to coast as you regain control.

And reducing speeds can help to avoid aquaplaning as well. Speed limits are posted, but those are typically citing speeds for optimal weather conditions. It is important to remember that when weather is poor, a proper driving speed may be far lower than a posted limit. That said, hydroplaning can happen at any speed and staying attuned to road conditions is essential.

Discussing your situation with a Miami car accident lawyer is a path to resolution. Whether you were hit by a hydroplaning car or injured in another type of rain-induced accident. Injuries often mean high medical fees and lost wages, an experienced attorney can help.

Are you recovering from an injury sustained in a weather-related crash? Talk to the Miami personal injury attorneys at Spencer Morgan Law. Accident cases can be complex, a knowledgeable attorney is needed to navigate the complicated negotiations with insurance companies and legal professionals. Contact us today at 305-423-3800 to schedule your free consultation.

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