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Quick Offers And Claim Delays


Delays and quick offers can be indicators of an insurance company offering you a settlement amount that is lower than what you could obtain with legal support. There are typical timelines and work flows for settling insurance claims, but there are times when an insurance adjuster rushes or draws out a claim in an attempt to underpay clients.

Qualified Miami personal injury lawyers are familiar with signs of a claim being underpaid. Before you accept a quick settlement offer or walk away from a claim that was denied, have an attorney assess the details of your accident. There may be a path to resolution you had not considered and the insurance company did not share with you.

Do Not Provide a Statement

If your insurance claim is taking a long time and the insurance adjuster asks for a statement from you, talk to a professional for legal guidance before recording a statement. There is no reason why the company would need a recorded statement to process your claim. Their request could be an indication of them collecting evidence to deny or reduce a settlement amount. Later, you could find they use your recorded statement against you.

There are a variety of delay tactics an insurance company could be using to pay you less and protect their bottom line. For example, a delay could lead to you accepting a lower offer, particularly if your bills are troubling you and you are desperate to settle at least a portion of your expenses, even if you know it is simply not enough to pay for all the damage incurred.

Comparative Negligence and Low Offers

A claim may also take a long time when an insurance company is attempting to find proof that you are partially at fault for the collision. Due to comparative negligence rules in Florida, plaintiffs can recover a level of compensation if they contributed to the event but the amount could be significantly reduced.

You do not have to accept an offer that arrives quickly but is far too low. Similarly, if a claim is taking far longer than it should and you suspect an insurance company is working toward denying your claim, legal help is available. Experienced attorneys are familiar with delay tactics and know how to negotiate low offers higher.

When a settlement offer arrives quickly it can be tempting to agree to the terms and put the whole event behind you. But talking to a Miami personal injury lawyer about a swift settlement offer or an extended settlement timeline is advised. It is possible the insurance company is using tactics to underpay you.

Do you believe your insurance settlement is taking too long? Florida attorneys are available to help you through the claims process and will work to recover the compensation you deserve. The legal team at Spencer Morgan Law is committed to representing clients who were injured in car crashes, cruise accidents, sporting events, and more. Connect with us today to schedule your no-cost, confidential consultation. Call 305-423-3800.

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