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Independent Medical Examinations And Personal Injury Claims


If you are involved in a personal injury claim dispute following a Florida car accident injury, the possibility of an Independent Medical Examination (IME) may arise. If you aren’t sure what IMEs are, why they are used, and what significance their assessment could carry, connect with a legal professional.

When you talk to a Miami personal injury lawyer, they can share with you the purpose and implications of IMEs. Additionally, an attorney will advise you on how to navigate the complexities of the legal process after a car accident injury.

When and Why Are IMEs Used?

IMEs are medical evaluations conducted by a third-party healthcare professional who has no prior relationship with the injured party. The purpose of an IME is to obtain an unbiased and objective assessment of the claimant’s injuries, medical condition, and the extent of any impairments resulting from the incident.

Typically employed by insurance companies or defense attorneys, IMEs gather additional information about the claimant’s injuries. These examinations serve several purposes.

  • Injury verification. IMEs are often requested when there is doubt or skepticism about the severity or legitimacy of the claimant’s injuries. Insurance companies want to ensure that the medical treatment being sought is genuinely necessary.
  • Dispute resolution. In situations where there is a disagreement between the plaintiff and the defendant regarding the extent of injuries or the impact on the victim’s life, an IME can provide an impartial assessment to help resolve disputes.
  • Pre-existing condition evaluation. IMEs can be used to differentiate between pre-existing conditions and injuries sustained in the accident. This helps determine the portion of the injuries attributable to the incident and facilitates a fair assessment of compensation.

Sometimes used in the process of resolving car accident claims, an insurance company may require a claimant to undergo an IME as part of the recovery process. It’s essential for individuals involved in personal injury cases to be aware of their rights and understand the implications of an IME on their case.

How Can Fairness Be Assured?

If you are in a situation where an insurance company wants to include an IME in a claim, connecting with a legal professional is advised. Lawyers advocate for their clients by ensuring that the IME is conducted fairly and impartially. This involves scrutinizing the chosen healthcare professional’s qualifications and ensuring a thorough examination.

Also, if the opposing party demands multiple IMEs or presents unreasonable requests, a Miami personal injury lawyer can challenge these demands and work to protect their clients from unnecessary examinations. Your attorney will actively review IME requests and assure fair terms are followed, knowing that these examinations can significantly impact the outcome of a dispute.

Has an insurance adjuster contacted you about seeing a particular medical professional? When you need a full and fair recovery package to move forward after an accident injury, talk to the legal team Spencer Morgan Law. Attorneys are available to guide you through the recovery process, protecting your rights each step of the way. Schedule a consultation today, simply call 305-423-3800.

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