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Exploring Next Steps When A Lawyer Denies Your Case


Healing after experiencing a Florida accident injury is challenging enough, but what do you do if you move to seek legal representation and the lawyer denies your case? When you take a step back and understand the reasons behind the rejection, it may be clear that an alternative legal counsel option could open up new opportunities for you to pursue justice. Facing a denial from a lawyer is not the end of the road.

Talk to a Miami personal injury lawyer about why an attorney decided not to take your case. Whether their denial was connected to conflicts of interest, statute of limitations concerns, or worries about the merit of the case, those issues may not ring true for another legal professional.

Exploring the Reasons for the Denial

First and foremost, you shouldn’t take a lawyer turning down your case personally. When an attorney chooses to not take a case, it is because of a specific reason, such as one or more of the following.

  • There is a conflict of interest. A lawyer may decline a case because they have a conflict of interest. The attorney could already represent another party involved in the case, for example, or maybe they have a personal connection that could compromise their objectivity. Either way, ethical considerations could lead them to decide that it is best to decline representation.
  • Timeline concerns. Another denial reason could be the expiration of the statute of limitations. If too much time has passed since the incident, it is possible that taking the case to court will be barred by law. Attorneys may then decline a case because there’s no way for them to pursue legal action.
  • In their view, the case lacks merit. If a lawyer assesses a case and believes there is not a strong legal foundation, due to insufficient evidence, unclear liability, or legal complexities, they may deny representation because they believe the case will be challenging to pursue successfully.

It is natural to find a denial from an attorney to be disheartening, but talking to another attorney may provide you with a fresh perspective.

Assessing a Case with a Fresh Set of Eyes

Different lawyers see cases from different angles, and the next lawyer you talk to may have alternative strategies, insights, or legal arguments. So, if the statute of limitations has expired, it is possible another lawyer will see circumstances in your case that may allow for exceptions or extensions. Or if your case was turned down for lack of merit, a different attorney may identify strengths in the case that were overlooked or find creative legal avenues to pursue.

There are professionals who can help. When your injury case is denied by one Florida attorney, turn to another Miami personal injury lawyer to uncover pathways that have not been initially apparent.

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