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Dealing With Miami Uninsured Motorist Accidents


Despite mandatory insurance laws, many drivers on Florida roads do not carry the required auto insurance. This reality poses a substantial risk to responsible drivers who might find themselves in an accident with an uninsured one.

Because of the prevalence of uninsured motorists in the Sunshine State, many consider investing in Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage. That said, whether you have UM coverage or not, there may be a legal option that allows you to financially recover after a collision with an uninsured driver. Consult with an experienced Miami personal injury lawyer to learn more.

Prevalence of Uninsured Drivers in Miami

Florida consistently ranks among the states with the highest percentage of uninsured drivers. In Miami, this issue is particularly pronounced, with a considerable portion of vehicle operators lacking insurance. This creates a precarious situation as the lack of insurance coverage from the at-fault driver can complicate the recovery process for an injured party after an accident.

To protect yourself from the financial fallout of an accident with an uninsured driver, think about UM coverage. This is an optional addition to your auto insurance policy that covers your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages if you are hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver. Given the high rate of uninsured motorists in Miami, having UM coverage can be a financial lifesaver.

If you were in an accident and do not have UM coverage, recovering damages can be more complex but not impossible. Here are a few avenues you might explore:

  • PIP coverage. Your own policy will have some coverage through personal injury protection requirements.
  • Injury lawsuit. In some situations you can file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. That said, if they lack insurance, they may also lack the assets to cover your damages.
  • Other policies. Sometimes the at-fault driver’s employer or another third party might share liability. The specific circumstances of an accident will need to be reviewed to determine if there is a path to obtaining funds from other insurance plans.
  • State compensation programs. Florida has a limited compensation fund for victims of uninsured motorists, though it is often difficult to qualify and the payouts may be modest.

Take key steps to protect yourself after an accident whether the drivers involved are insured or not. For example, always report the accident to law enforcement, and even if you feel fine, seek prompt medical attention. A health care evaluation ensures you receive a treatment plan to support healing and provides documentation should there be future legal action.

Notify Your Insurance Company and Consult with an Attorney

Report the accident to your insurer as soon as possible. If you have UM coverage, your insurer will handle your claim. Should any questions arise or if you believe you should be accessing a larger settlement amount, speak to Miami personal injury lawyer who has the skills to help you maximize your recovery.

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