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Common Types of Distracted Driving


As Americans, we feel the need to multitask. There are just 24 hours in a day, and it often seems like we just cannot accomplish enough. As such, many try to perform multiple tasks while driving. Cell phone use is one common task. While Bluetooth capabilities can allow you to perform hands-free calling, some people text while driving.

Texting while driving is dangerous. It incorporates all three forms of distracted driving: cognitive, visual and manual. Texting while driving caused 3,166 fatalities in 2017.

There are other types of distracted driving that can cause serious car accidents. Read on to learn more.

Being Lost in Thought

This is actually the most common form of distracted driving. This cognitive distraction occurs when you let your mind wander and focus on other things besides driving. Maybe you are angry at a family member. Perhaps you are thinking about an upcoming vacation. Being lost in thought can cause fatal accidents.

Looking at Outside Events

Rubbernecking is a common cause of accidents. You may be so focused on the accident on the side of the road that you rear-end the car in front of you and cause your own crash. Focus on the road, not what’s happening on the side of the road or in other vehicles.

Looking at Other Occupants

Passengers in your vehicle can cause you to lose focus of the road. What parent hasn’t had to deal with whining and crying from their children in the back seat? Passengers in the front seat may try to talk to you and get you to look at something and this can distract you as well.

Reaching for Devices

 Reaching for a phone, sunglasses, food item or purse can cause you to get into a crash. If you think you might need something while driving, try to have it within reach. If you need to look for something, it may be wise to pull over instead of putting other drivers at risk.

Other Distractions

 There are other distractions that cause 1-2% of crashes. These include actions such as playing with the radio or air conditioning. Adjusting seat belts and mirrors can also cause accidents. Eating and drinking while driving can also be sources of distractions. Dealing with moving objects in the car, such as pets or the errant bug, can also cause you to lose focus of the road. Cigarette use can also cause crashes, although they are rare.

It’s best to avoid these actions while driving. Eat and drink before driving or when you get to your destination. Keep pets restrained in your vehicle. Make adjustments when you first get into your car, not while you are already down the road.

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 There are many ways car crashes can occur, and distracted driving is just one of them. Many motorists do not feel the need to stay totally focused on the road, and this can lead to serious accidents.

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