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Can I Financially Recover After Being Hit By An Uninsured Driver?


Insured drivers diligently make payments for years and assume that everyone they are sharing the road with is doing the same. Which makes sense, because there are Florida laws in place that cite minimum levels of car insurance that all drivers are required to carry. But despite the fact that they are breaking the law, there are many uninsured motorists.

There are paths to full compensation after an accident involving an uninsured driver. You could secure damage recovery through your own PIP coverage or you could sue the uninsured motorist. Share the details of your accident with a Miami personal injury lawyer. Then, they can determine what is best for your unique situation.

Financial Restitution Following a Crash

Whether the driver who struck you was uninsured or underinsured, there are a couple of different ways to be made whole financially. Many move to secure damage recovery from their own auto insurance coverage. In the state of Florida, insured drivers carry up to ten thousand dollars in PIP relief. But if you were involved in a crash with a driver that was uninsured and the damages are higher than the amount available through your PIP coverage, another avenue may need to be explored.

Suing the uninsured driver may be necessary. If it is clear the uninsured motorist behaved recklessly, the courts will assess the best way to provide you with the compensation you deserve. Part of this process could be looking over the uninsured motorist’s financial assets. Then, you could receive financial relief in one or all of the following ways.

  • Uninsured drivers will pay for damages through a set payment plan.
  • Financial assets in bank accounts of negligent parties will be awarded to the injured party.
  • Wages of the uninsured motorist are garnished.

Liens on assets are also a possibility. Then, those assets would be unfrozen once you are compensated properly. The process of suing an uninsured driver can be complex, but if it provides a path to recovery, it may be the best option. After all, you do not want to have to carry the burden of accident expenses when another behaves irresponsibly.

Auto Insurance Laws and Coverage

Uninsured drivers should not assume they will not be responsible for accident damages because the other party has their own PIP coverage. It is illegal to drive in Florida without insurance coverage. Laws are in place to protect everyone involved in an accident. Drivers can be held personally liable when accidents result in severe harm and high expenses. A Miami personal injury lawyer can provide you with guidance.

Do you believe an uninsured motorist is personally responsible for your accident expenses? Discuss your options for financial recovery with a qualified Florida attorney. While settlement agreements with insurance companies are often the solution, there are situations in which a lawsuit is the appropriate move forward. The legal team at Spencer Morgan Law will determine what amount is needed in order for you to be made financially whole. No-cost, confidential consultations are available, call 305-423-3800 today.

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