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Cameras Provide Visual Evidence


There are different ways to fortify an injury claim, and a top way to strengthen an argument is through securing evidence. Visual documentation can be an excellent resource, and camera footage gathered at locations nearby the accident site, such as restaurants or convenience stores, can motivate an insurance adjuster or a legal expert working for another party to offer a maximum settlement amount.

While you can attempt to obtain camera footage independently, you may face challenges that a skilled Miami personal injury lawyer can adeptly navigate. Then, once the footage is obtained, your attorney can leverage the evidence to support the success of your personal injury claim.

Official Preservation Letters and Subpoenas

A fist step an attorney can take in obtaining video footage from businesses is to send preservation letters to protect relevant footage. These letters are legal notices that urge camera owners to save potential evidence related to the accident. This is a proactive step, it ensures that the individuals and organizations in possession of the cameras do not inadvertently delete or overwrite footage that could support a case.

And beyond legal notices, attorneys can issue subpoenas, compelling businesses or individuals to produce camera footage as part of the legal proceedings. Subpoenas can be particularly potent tools, because they legally support the production of evidence. Businesses may be hesitant to release footage without a proper legal request, and legal professionals can navigate these waters while individuals may find themselves unsure what to do next.

Attorneys are familiar with all of the necessary legal procedures for receiving visual documents, and they can effectively communicate with businesses to obtain the footage. Their expertise ensures that the documentation gathered is admissible in court, strengthening your overall position.

Refuting False Assertions

Camera footage serves as an unbiased witness, capturing the events leading up to and following an accident. This important evidence can help establish liability, determine the sequence of events, and provide insight into the severity of injuries sustained.

Plus, camera footage can refute false narratives. This is essential if you are in a situation where it is your word against another’s. Insurance companies and opposing parties are more likely to take your suggestion of who bears responsibility and your need for recovery seriously when your story is backed by concrete visual evidence.

If you believe footage could be the ingredient your injury claim needs, have a conversation with a Miami personal injury lawyer. Having the legal expertise of an attorney on your side can significantly streamline the process and increase your chances of connecting with the camera images you are seeking.

Were there cameras in the area when the traffic accident occurred? If you were in a populated area, the answer could be yes. Video footage not only serves as a crucial piece of evidence but can also strengthen the overall narrative of your personal injury claim. To learn more about this indispensable tool in the pursuit of justice, talk to the seasoned legal team at Spencer Morgan Law. Schedule a fee-free consultation, call 305-423-3800.

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