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Building An Emergency Car Kit For Post-Accident Assistance


No one wants to be involved in a car accident, but having safety plans in place can help individuals when unexpected events occur. For instance, an emergency car kit can make a significant difference. Having a handful of key items on hand, including the contact information of a Miami personal injury lawyer could make a stressful incident less worrisome.

Charged Phone, Contacts, and Documentation

A charged phone is valuable in stressful situations, including in the event of a Miami traffic accident. Ensure that your phone is always adequately charged, either before hitting the road or charge your phone within your vehicle while driving. Should a collision take place, a charged phone allows you to report the accident promptly, seek assistance, and capture important information, such as taking photographs, at the scene.

Programming important contacts into your phone is also useful. When you have the contact information for the local police department, emergency medical services, and your insurance provider in your phone, you don’t have to try and find those numbers in the aftermath of a crash. Additionally, having the contact information of a Florida injury lawyer within your phone means you can access legal guidance immediately.

And of course, you always need to carry proof of insurance in your vehicle. This document is crucial when involved in a car accident, as it provides essential information that will be needed by law enforcement and insurance companies, such as your policy number, coverage details, and contact information for your insurance provider.

Basic Items and Best Practices

Preparing a basic emergency kit and keeping it in your vehicle while traveling is also advised. A few kit basics include first aid supplies, a flashlight, blankets, and non-perishable snacks. You may lean on these essentials if you find yourself waiting for assistance after an accident or are stranded due to vehicle damage.

Some also find it helpful to have a printout of best practices within the emergency kit. A bulleted list could give you guidance and purpose during a time of confusion.

  • Safety first. Move vehicles to a safe location, if possible, and check everyone for injuries.
  • Call for assistance. Contact emergency services immediately to report the accident and request medical assistance, if needed.
  • Document the scene. Use your smartphone to photograph vehicle damage, license plates, and the overall environment.
  • Exchange information. Gather the names, contact details, and insurance information of others involved.
  • Talk to a doctor. Even if you believe you were not injured or your injuries seem minor, seek medical attention. Doing so will promote your physical recovery and ensure you have documentation necessary should any insurance claim or potential legal action could occur later with the support of a Miami personal injury lawyer.

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