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Common Construction Site Injuries

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Construction can be dangerous, and with Miami continuing to grow there is plenty of construction wherever you look on your daily commute. According to the Miami Herald, demand for office space in Miami-Dade County is higher than it has been in 10 years. That means there are even more opportunities for construction workers and… Read More »


Mistakes that Will Damage Your Miami Negligent Security Case

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Unfortunately, many people become the victim of negligent security each and every day at schools, stores, parking garages, hotels, and even apartment complexes. From attacks and assaults to robberies, these vicious acts of another often brings harm to a victim’s body and leaves the victim with life changing injuries. A victim of negligent security… Read More »


What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Miami

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Motorcycle riding is a fun activity that often results in motorcycle accidents and even death. Unfortunately, the State of Florida leads the nation for motorcycle fatalities. Because Spencer Morgan Law wants all motorcycle riders to be prepared, here are some steps all bikers should take after a motorcycle accident in Miami. Call Miami Police… Read More »


Common Injuries from Rear-End Crashes

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

While some rear-end crashes are referred to as fender benders, there are plenty of cases where injuries from these types of crashes are severe. Some people feel the impacts of a rear crash for months or years after a crash happened. Recently, a person ended up in the hospital after a driver rear-ended a… Read More »


What Do I Do After a Multi-Car Accident?

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

If you drive, you know that car accidents happen. But knowing that fact does not make the idea of being in an accident any less frightening. The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department estimates there approximately 400,000 car accidents in Florida every year. Sometimes, car accidents involve two vehicles. In other instances, there… Read More »


The Importance of EMS and Paramedic Reports in Personal Injury Cases

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Whether a personal injury lawsuit is the result of a slip and fall, car accident, boat accident or motorcycle accident, medical records are the first type of evidence a person considers to strengthen their case. Very seldom do people think about the EMS and paramedic reports. Today, we will discuss the importance of EMS… Read More »


My Miami Doctor Gave Me the Wrong Medicine. Can I Sue for Medical Malpractice?

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

When a doctor prescribes medication to a patient, they have an obligation to be aware and consider the risks and benefits concerning the patient’s medical health and how the medicine will produce side effects and react with other medications, foods, activities, etc. Unfortunately, there are times where a doctor can prescribe the wrong medication…. Read More »


Importance of Accident Reports in Miami Slip and Fall Claims

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Slip and fall victims in Miami are entitled to recover monetary compensation for their injuries. But proving someone else’s negligence caused the slip and fall claim is not always easy. That’s why it’s important to build a solid slip and fall claim with this key document – the accident report. Today, you will discover… Read More »


Spoliation of Evidence in Miami Personal Injury Cases

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

As you may know, evidence is important in personal injury cases. Besides the rules of law, evidence is the key to making or breaking a case. Evidence does two things — proves that your injuries are valid, and helps you get the maximum compensation for your damages. Because personal injury cases are primarily based… Read More »


Prevent Boating Accidents While Visiting in Miami

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Miami is a hotspot for people seeking warmer weather in the fall and winter months. Activities that cannot be participated in at home can be found in Miami such as relaxing on beaches and getting out on the water on boats. We want everyone to enjoy their time in Miami, so below we’ve included… Read More »

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