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Recreational Boating Remains A Liability Issue An Florida

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

With spring break right around the corner, our Miami boating accident attorneys cannot help but revisit an old but important topic: boating safety and liability. With its sandy beaches, golden sunshine, and unique culture, Miami is a popular spring break destination for college students and families alike. Set on soaking up as much summertime… Read More »


So, You Tripped On A Public Sidewalk…What Can You Do?

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

You may have heard that if you slip and fall in a grocery store, retail location, or other business locale that you can collect damages for injuries sustained. This is true. However, what happens when you slip and fall on a public sidewalk and get seriously injured? Who would be liable for your injuries… Read More »


Are Antilock Braking Systems More Of A Hindrance Than A Convenience?

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

As technology becomes more advanced, car manufacturers are getting creative with safety features that, overall, do a great deal to keep drivers and others on the road safe. One such feature is the antilock braking system (ABS). ABS is designed to allow drivers to steer safely in an emergency—such as when your vehicle begins… Read More »


Is It Legal For A Hospital To Turn People Away?

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Most people are under the impression that if they go to the emergency room, hospital staff cannot refuse to treat them. Unfortunately, this is not exactly the case. Emergency room doctors are under a lot of stress to treat all the patients that arrive in a timely and effective manner. Some people require more… Read More »


What To Do If You Were Injured At A Resort

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

When most people go on vacation, they do not expect to be injured on the resort’s premises, but unfortunately, accidents are called accidents for a reason, and anything from a slippery hotel lobby floor to a poorly maintained sidewalk around the pool can lead to injury and costly damages. If this should happen to… Read More »


Top 5 Mistakes You Can Make After A Workplace Accident

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Injuries on the job are surprisingly common, with approximately 5.2 million workplace accidents and injuries reported each year. Despite the high occurrence rates, however, many individuals are ill-prepared for when a workplace accident happens to them. Failure to prepare can be a costly mistake. If you are not aware of what to do after… Read More »


Common Premises Liability Injuries

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

According to premises liability law, property owners and business owners are responsible for keeping their properties safe and hazard-free for invitees. While the duty of care varies depending on the nature of the visitors’ relationship with the property owner, it is safe to assume that each property owner has a duty to take reasonable… Read More »


What Is The Likelihood That Your Car Accident Case Will Go To Trial, And What Does Trial Mean For You?

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Despite common belief, just because you file a legal claim with the court system does not mean that you will have to go to trial. In fact, it is rare for civil claims to go to court at all. If the two parties can come to an agreement via negotiations and/or mediation, the matter… Read More »


Pros And Cons Of Settling Your Case Out Of Court

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Every personal injury claim is handled a bit differently, with some settled without the assistance of lawyers, some going back and forth in negotiations several times before lawyers can come to an agreement, and some requiring several rounds of litigation before a judge and jury can come to a decision. How a case is… Read More »


Staff Drug Abuse May Contribute To Nursing Home Abuse In Florida

By The Law Offices of Spencer G. Morgan, P.A. |

Nursing home staff have easy access to some of the most potent pain medications on the market today, including opioids, antidepressants, and NSAIDs. Unfortunately, the easy access, combined with the stress of the job, often lead to drug theft and abuse. According to the American Nurses Association, approximately 10 percent of nurses are dependent… Read More »

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