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Are There Lost Wage Claim Limits?


Injuries can disrupt not only one’s physical health but also their financial stability, especially when it comes to lost wages. For individuals injured in Florida auto accidents, understanding the intricacies of lost wage limits is crucial in seeking rightful compensation.

A Miami personal injury lawyer can answer your questions about obtaining compensation for lost wages, including whether there are any caps or limitations. An attorney can share with you when income loss can be part of an injury claim, how those amounts are calculated, and how compensation amounts can be maximized.

Calculation of Lost Wages

Lost wages can be included as part of a personal injury claim when an individual’s injury directly impacts their ability to work and earn income. So, for example, if an injury requires medical treatment that results in missed workdays, the wages lost during this period can be claimed as part of the injury settlement.

Additionally, injuries that result in temporary or permanent disability, preventing an individual from returning to work or reducing their earning capacity, may entitle them to compensation for lost future wages.

Calculating lost wages involves determining the amount of income the injured individual would have earned had they not been injured.

  • Hourly or salary rate. An injured individual’s hourly wage or salary rate is used as the basis for calculating lost wages.
  • Work schedule. The number of hours or days missed due to the injury is multiplied by the hourly or daily rate to determine the total lost wages.
  • Additional benefits. Lost wages may also include any additional benefits, such as bonuses, overtime pay, or employer-provided benefits, that the individual would have received if not for the injury.

In some cases, there may be limits or caps on the amount of compensation that can be awarded for lost wages. These limits can vary depending on the type of insurance coverage, such as Personal Injury Protection (PIP) plans or other liability insurance policies. Then, seeking compensation beyond these limits may require taking legal action.

Assessing the Full Impact of an Accident Injury

As soon as you meet with a Miami personal injury lawyer, they can walk you through the process of evaluating lost work income. Attorneys also know how to gather evidence, such as employment records, pay stubs, medical reports, and expert testimony, to support a claim for lost wages.

With evidence in place, a negotiation process with insurance companies can begin in order to seek fair compensation. If a fair settlement cannot be reached through negotiation, attorneys are prepared to litigate the case in court to pursue maximum compensation for lost wages and other damages.

Do you need financial support because you had to take time off of work due to a car accident injury? The attorneys at Spencer Morgan Law can help you move through the recovery process. They will use their background and knowledge to calculate losses accurately and advocate for fair compensation to mitigate the financial impact you are experiencing. To learn the full value of your lost wages, schedule a confidential consultation, simply call 305-423-3800.

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