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3 Myths Surrounding Seat Belt Use


Seat belts are an important safety feature in cars and trucks. If you do not think wearing one would make a difference if an accident were to occur, think again. A seat belt could provide the protection needed to avoid a severe injury. Too often, people rely on information that is untrue or extremely unlikely when making personal safety decisions.

Even drivers who are good at following rules and navigating hazards can be involved in a collision. After all, you can’t control the behavior of others on the road. Do what you can to stay safe, including wearing a seat belt every time you are in a vehicle. And if you are injured in a South Florida crash, talk to a Miami personal injury lawyer about financial recovery.

Myth #1 – Airbags Will Provide Protection In the Event of a Crash

Airbags can save lives, but they are a safety feature to be used in tandem with seat belts. The safety features work in different ways. A seat belt is designed to restrain a person in the event of an accident while airbags are created to inflate if there is an impact. This inflation can result in a driver or passenger avoiding blunt force with hard surfaces.

Myth #2 – Seat Belts Cause Harm When Accidents Happen

Wearing a seat belt is an effective way to increase your odds of avoiding severe injury and death if there is a rollover accident or a high-impact collision. That said, there are examples of seat belt syndrome injuries. Some of these injuries include bruises, abrasions, and fractures. But even when a seat belt syndrome injury is sustained, it may be an injury that is far less serious than what would have occurred if the seat belt was not clicked into place. For example, bruises rather than severe head injury and brain trauma.

Myth #3 – Safety Features Aren’t Necessary for Short Journeys

It is common for people to become so relaxed and familiar with their daily life in their neighborhoods that they don’t take safety precautions seriously. For instance, you may not think you need to wear a seat belt if you are taking a short trip to the grocery store or driving to the gym for a quick workout. But in reality, you need to wear your seat belt every time you are in a vehicle. This is true for short trips and long journeys. You should also be wearing a seat belt in rideshare vehicles such as Lyft cars and Uber vehicles as well.

Wearing a seat belt is an essential part of staying safe when you are driving or riding in a Florida car or truck. If you were in an accident, talk to a Miami personal injury lawyer about your collision today.

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