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Miami School Accident Lawyer

When your child walks to school in the morning or you drop them off, you rely on the education professionals to do their jobs, and for the school administration and staff members to do everything in their power to look after your child while they are receiving their education. Tragically, accidents do occur all throughout public and private Miami schools in which children are seriously injured, or killed. We understand how devastating it is when a child is seriously harmed. Our Miami school accident lawyer at Spencer Morgan Law is here to help you seek justice for your young one.

Negligent Supervision

The most often cause of a school accident is negligent supervision by a teacher, para educator, or other school staff member. Young children require full-time supervision even in the classroom, and a school can be held liable for injuries sustained if the young child was not being properly watched and attended to when the accident happened. When an accident happens to an older child, on the other hand, there is more room for the school district to fight back against claims of negligent supervision. Regardless, no school accident claim is an easy win, which is why you need an attorney to handle serious school accident cases.

Specific Types of School Accidents we Handle

  • Playground accidents—Playgrounds have become increasingly safe, but there are still scenarios in which a school can be held accountable for a child’s playground injuries, particularly if there was lack of supervision or defective playground equipment.
  • School bus injuries—School bus collisions are rare, but not unheard of. Additionally, injuries inside school buses, many of which do not even have seat belts, can result in trip and falls, whiplash, and other injuries.
  • School pedestrian crossings—The most dangerous thing about a typical school is simply crossing the street. While a careless parent may have hit your child, the school may also be found liable.
  • Sexual abuse—Sexual abuse of a minor or an 18-year old is not only a felony, but can result in a serious school district lawsuit. Damages in a sexual abuse case—whether your child was assaulted by a staff member or another student—include pain and suffering, emotional distress, and much more.
  • Bullying—Physical bullying is a form of assault. Moreover, bullying, either in-person at school or online, can result in the victim self-harming, or even suicide. Schools have a degree of responsibility when it comes to bullying, and can be held liable if the victim suffers injury due to lack of the school’s intervention.
  • School shootings—School shootings are more common than ever these days, and in some cases the school district itself can be sued for damages.

Contact a Miami School Accident Attorney

Carelessness is the top cause of school injuries. Whether a school bus driver accelerated too quickly around a corner, a teacher looked the other way as your child was bullied, or a crossing guard failed to stop your kindergartner from stepping out onto the street as a speeding pickup truck flew by, we can help you seek financial compensation for your child’s injuries. Call the Miami school accident lawyer at Spencer Morgan Law today at 305-423-3800 for a free consultation.

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