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Miami Parasailing Accident Lawyer

Parasailing is usually a safe, exciting way to float above the water and take in the view of Miami’s finest white beaches and turquoise water. It simply involves a large parachute, a tow rope, a motor boat, and a willing customer who desires to be pulled along behind and lifted gently into the air. But with any activity involving water, speed, and height, a lot can go wrong if the parasailing company is negligent in their duty of care. The Miami parasailing accident lawyer at Spencer Morgan Law represents victims of parasailing accidents, and advocates for fair compensation when wrongdoing has occurred.

Types of Parasailing Accidents

  • Defective parachute, harness, tow rope, or other equipment—If the fall or accident was caused by a defective harness, for example, you may be able to file a personal injury claim with the parasailing operator, as well as the manufacturer. It is the duty of the operator to ensure that all of their gear is well maintained and in proper working order. It is also the duty of the manufacturer to design and produce high quality, safe parachutes, tow ropes, harnesses, and rigging. If the equipment is simply worn out, only the parasailing operator can be successfully sued.
  • Plaintiff is lowered into the water too quickly—One of the thrills of parasailing is being dipped into the water once or twice, mid-flight. But if the operator lowers the parasailer too quickly, or does not immediately bring them back out of the water, serious injury and even drowning can occur.
  • Line popping—If the operator changes direction or speed suddenly, the tow line can go from slack to tight, jolting the parasailer violently. If a line pop is strong enough, it can cause neck and back injuries.
  • Dragging injuries—Whether dragged over land or water, being pulled by a speed boat while attached to a bulky harness and parachute is likely to cause lacerations, contusions, whiplash, and broken bones. Dragging can occur during take off, landing, or if the operator decreases the speed by too large of a margin.
  • Line separation—If the tow rope/line cuts free, the parasailer is at risk not only of a hard landing, but of drowning if they land in water without the boat nearby.
  • Parachute collapse—Quite possibly the most terrifying of all parasailing disasters is if the parachute collapses. Some parasailers are sent up to 500 feet or more at the highest point of the ride. Even a partial chute collapse from that height can be fatal.

Call a Miami Parasailing Accident Lawyer Today

Parasailing operators are obligated to carry liability insurance in Florida, which enables injured victims to file personal injury claims when the operator’s negligence leads to an injury accident. If you were injured, you stand to collect compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, emotional distress, PTSD, lost wages due to disability, and more. The Miami parasailing accident lawyer at Spencer Morgan Law can help you get the claims process started. Call us today at 305-423-3800 to schedule a free consultation.

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