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Miami Cemetery Lawyer

There are truly no good scenarios in which one has a pleasant interaction with a funeral home or cemetery. However, when a cemetery mismanages their duties it can cause unnecessary hardship and added trauma to those who are already suffering from grief. If your loved one’s remains were handled inappropriately, lost, or moved without your permission, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit against the responsible party in order to receive fair compensation for your and your family’s damages. The Miami cemetery lawyer at Spencer Morgan Law handles all aspects of cemetery negligence lawsuits, and is here for you in your time of need.

Examples of Cemetery and Funeral Home Negligence

There are dozens of ways in which a cemetery can fail in its duty to care for and manage your loved one’s remains, and all of them can cause significant hardship on the deceased’s surviving family members. Examples of egregious cemetery and funeral home negligence, including theft and intentional wrongdoing, include the following:

  • Moving a grave without your permission
  • Burying remains in the wrong gravesite
  • Losing the body
  • Losing ashes
  • Commingling ashes
  • Burying multiple bodies in a private burial plot
  • Burring multiple bodies in one coffin
  • Switching a body for another one
  • Mishandling a body
  • Intentionally or unintentionally causing a body to be mutilated
  • Treating the body or remains in an unethical manner
  • Only preserving part of the body (to save on expenses)
  • Storing the body improperly
  • Embalming the body improperly
  • Stealing or selling off body parts, organs, jewelry, or other objects/property
  • Removing gold fillings
  • Negligent maintenance of gravesites
  • Reusing the deceased expensive coffin
  • Burying the deceased without a coffin that was purchased
  • Burying the deceased in a cheaper coffin than the one purchased

There are three ways in which a cemetery can be liable in a lawsuit: negligence, breach of duty, and misrepresentation. We can analyze your case to determine the specific type of wrongdoing that occurred.

Personal Injury on Cemetery Grounds

Cemeteries should be nothing more than peaceful, quiet resting grounds to visit and remember a loved one. Unfortunately, they can create additional trauma if the grounds are not properly managed. People who become injured through no fault of their own while visiting a cemetery can bring a personal injury claim against the cemetery if the paths were not properly paved or maintained, if the walking surface was riddled with tripping hazards, or if other hazards existed and caused an injury.

Contact a Miami Cemetery Attorney

Some funeral homes and cemeteries, including their employees, engage in egregious acts in order to save money, while other forms of negligence are simply due to incompetence. Regardless, you may be able to seek damages if breach of contract, negligence, or misrepresentation were at hand. Damages in a cemetery lawsuit can include cost of reburial, emotional distress, and more. To seek justice for your loved one and for your family, do not hesitate to reach out to the Miami cemetery lawyer at Spencer Morgan Law today at 305-423-3800 for a free consultation.

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