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Miami Personal Injury Lawyer > Miami Apartment, Condo & House Flood Slip & Fall Lawyer

Miami Apartment, Condo & House Flood Slip & Fall Lawyer

Slip and falls can happen anywhere. A fall victim can find hazards while walking across a potholed parking lot, while entering a coffee shop that neglected to put out mat after a rainstorm, or in a grocery store that failed to clean up a spilled glass bottle of fruit juice. However, most falls occur in our own homes. While many of these falls are no one’s fault except, possibly, the injured victim or another household member, there are some cases of apartment, condo, and house slip and falls that may be another party’s doing. At Spencer Morgan Law, our Miami apartment, condo & house flood slip & fall lawyer can help you seek compensation from that party, whether they are a landlord, next door neighbor, contractor, or other party.

Examples of When Another Party is Liable for a Flood-Caused Slip and Fall

  • Landlord—Landlords can be held liable for injuries caused in flooding/falling accidents. For example, if you told your landlord weeks or months in advance that a pipe had burst or a sink was leaking, and your landlord failed to address the problem or their attempt to fix the problem failed, they may be liable if you slipped and fell if the house or apartment flooded.
  • Neighbor—Apartment leaks and flooding often come from above. If a water leak came from your upstairs (or nextdoor) neighbor, causing a flood, and you fell as a result, you may be able to seek compensation from their homeowners’ insurance policy, as the leak and resulting flood were their responsibility.
  • Contractor—If a contractor, plumber, or other party worked on your home and their mistake or negligence ended up causing a flood in your home, they may be liable for your injuries.
  • HOA—If the slip and fall did not happen in your own home, but right out front or in another common space, your homeowners association may be at fault if the flooding was caused by a damaged sprinkler, burst pipe, or other flood-causing danger.

When Can I Sue?

An injured slip and fall plaintiff only has a strong case when they can prove all of the following:

  • The defendant’s negligence caused a hazardous condition.
  • The defendant had real or constructive knowledge about the hazardous condition and did not take the necessary steps to mitigate the hazard.
  • The hazardous condition caused the plaintiff to slip and fall, resulting in injury.

Call a Miami Apartment, Condominium, and House Flooding Falls Lawyer

Whether the flood was caused by a burst pipe, an overflowing bathtub from above, a damaged roof, or lack of a proper clean up following a hurricane or tropical storm, the Miami slip and fall lawyers at Spencer Morgan Law are here for you in your time of need. Your landlord, neighbor, or contractor may be at fault for your falling injuries, and you stand to recover your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering damages, and much more. Contact us today at 305-423-3800 to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced apartment, condominium, and house flooding fall lawyers.

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