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3 Key Considerations Before Accepting An Offer


In many situations, accepting a settlement offer is a successful resolution to a personal injury claim. When it is possible to secure an amount that covers the expenses of an injury, accepting an offer means an injured person can move forward with their life and put the event behind them. Lawsuits are sometimes appropriate, but they take time and energy. They can lead to stress and higher expenses as well.

Discuss the details of your Florida injury with a Miami personal injury lawyer. There are likely pros and cons that need to be assessed. Do not take the insurance company representative’s word that the amount you are being offered is a full, fair, and final offer. With an experienced legal professional on your side a higher amount could be negotiated. When you meet with a lawyer, three questions will have to be answered before deciding on agreeing to a settlement.

Question 1 – Do You Need Recovery for Pain and Suffering?

When emotional distress is part of a personal injury, you may be seeking compensation for pain and suffering. Non-economic damages are calculated in a variety of ways, depending on the situation. It is not as simple as totaling up bills and fees, which is the process for economic damages. If you feel the formula used to calculate pain and suffering did not result in a high enough number, you may want to take your case to court.

Question 2 – What Is the Amount the Insurance Company Is Offering?

Of course, the final number an insurance company has put forward needs to be looked over to determine if it covers the true worth of your claim. Even if the financial figure looks high to you, they may be offering a minimum amount. A skilled attorney knows how much a claim is worth and when an insurance company could access more funds given the documentation of your need for compensation. Insurance claims pushing back on an injury’s severity could also be one of the reasons to dispute a settlement amount.

Question 3 – How Strong Is Your Argument?

Deciding to take a dispute to court is a decision that can’t be solely emotional. You need to be sure you have the documentation and evidence to back up your requests. A Miami personal injury lawyer can advise you on what is your strongest path forward. If you do not have a proper amount of evidence, it may be possible for them to help you obtain documentation as well.

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